Web Design or Web Development, What's The Difference?

To the availability of various open-source website development software programs, it has become simple to set up a website with minimal efforts. But making a custom website is still in practice.
Traditionally, website design or front end development has been a different area of speciality than website development or backend development. One person can master both skills.
This article compares and contrasts web development and web design. Continue reading if you do not know the major differences and similarities between web design or web development.

Important Website Building Blocks 

Just like software programs, websites also need some building blocks. Design plays an important role in software, application, and website development. We pay much attention to design because appearance is an important element that plays a lead role in the success of a program.
Similarly, the arrangement of code is also important as it determines the functions a program can perform. If there are flaws in code, the program will not work properly. A website designer and a website developer need to work closely to make a good website.

Understanding Web Design & Web Development

Several website technologies can be used to design and develop a website. For example, Adobe Photoshop and similar software programs can be used to prepare the frontend design of a website.
As far as the development of a website is concerned, HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, and similar other scripting languages are used to make websites. Styles and animations can also be added simply.
Two separate persons don't need to perform these functions. Only a single person can learn and master both skills. Let’s have a closer look at both fields of work.

A Closer Look On Website Design

The requirements of the customer and the latest user experience trends play an important role in formulating the design strategy for a website.
If you are a frontend developer, you should learn the art of reading the mind of the customers. Moreover, you should not just go by the demand of the customer, you should be able to make valuable suggestions as per your knowledge, skills, and abilities.
Here are some principles using which we can revolutionize the design:
·         Unity 
·         Balance 
·         Contrast 
·         Emphasis 
·         Consistency 

A Closer Look On Website Development

Often dubbed as “programmers” website developers have to master more than one web programming language to make a complete website.
The basic language that can be used to make a website is known as hypertext markup language (HTML). But HTML can only make basic website pages and we need CSS and JavaScript to introduce styles and animations. One person or more than one person can work to make a website.

Web Design vs. Web Development: The Last Word

You have read how web development is different from web design. In the end, we can say that both design and development processes are important for a website.
If you want to get a website, you should pay attention to both website design and website development. A responsive, dynamic, and fast website is a combination of creative appearance and code.
If you need to hire professionals to take care of your web design and web development needs, you should contact some web design services online and shortlist the one that suits your needs.