Here we are discussing some celebrities who have donated money in this difficult situation and on covid-19, which is a very powerful virus all over the world and everybody donating the money, food, sanitizers, and mask, etc. This virus is started from china and spreading across the globe.

Every country was contributing the things and giving them our best. But I think India is maintaining the virus in a very well managed way. India is the big country and maintaining the huge population “1,387,297,452 people” wow I think it’s huge and this figure is not in countable and in this populated country the covid confirmed cases is only 49,391, still, sadly yes, it’s increasing day by day. But our corona warriors helping us and recovering the cases and hats off to the corona warriors.

In this virus, all actors, directors, employers everyone in our home because of lockdown from last of the month and yet is going. But in this situation some celebrities donating money, food, etc. from our savings.

Here are some celebrities which is donating the money in COVID- 19 PM CARES fund which is given below:

  • 1-      Kangana Ranaut:- She is the famous actress in a bollywood, which is playing a different role in every movie, and I think you know her very well. But recently she’s donating money in PM CARES fund with the amount of Rs 25 lakhs. 

  • 2-      Akshay Kumar:- Here is the most energetic man Akkki in the age of 52 he is entertaining the audience with his comedy and thrill with the action and gives the top hit films. He’s also donating the money in COVID- 19 with the amount of Rs 25 crore; it’s a considerable amount.

  • 3-      Vicky Kaushal:- He’s the new actor In bollywood field, but he’s attracting everyone with his acting and his charming face melting the heart of girls. He’s also donated the money in PM CARES fund the amount of Rs 1 crore.

  • 4-      Lata Mangeshkar:- She’s the nightingale of bollywood. Her voice was melting the hearts of everyone, and everybody knows her very well. She’s also donated the money amount of Rs 25 lakh.

  • 5-      Cricketer Rohit Sharma:- Everyone knows him. He’s the right-handed batsman and an occasional right-arm off break bowler, and also he is the vice-captain of the Indian national team. He’s also contributing in PM CARES the amount of Rs 80 lakhs.

There are many celebrities which is donating and contributing the money to PM CARE’s fund. I ‘am only discussing some of the stars. If you want information, then you should read it on Google and also on a news website or style of life YouTube channel.